Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it possible to wash and re-use our disposable garments?

We do not recommend washing and reusing our disposable garments as they are designed to be worn and thrown away. They can be worn until damaged, altered or contaminated.

Are MaxShield™ disposable garments flame resistant?

MaxShield™ garments are not flame resistant and are not recommended for use around heat, flame, sparks or potentially flammable environments **

**we sell flame resistant disposable coveralls, please call with questions or for assistance**

Can MaxShield™ be used in Clean Rooms?

Our MaxShield™ garments can be used in some non-sterile clean room environments. Call for additional information.

Are MaxShield™ garments liquid repellent?

MaxShield™ is a liquid resistant garment used to protect from overspray, splashes and drips.

Are MaxShield™ garments available in other colors?

MaxShield™ garments are currently available in white only.

Are discounts available on larger orders?

Yes,  MPE offers large quantity discounts. Call for a quote today !