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Disposable Protective Apparel for Various Work Environments
At MPE, we can provide a vast array of disposable apparel. The protective clothing we offer can be used in a variety of environments.

If you are in the market for protection against liquids or small particles, the Maxshield™ system we use to make our clothing is a good choice. The protective clothing we carry can be used in industrial environments to protect against things like grease, oil and overspray.

Our yellow hazmat coveralls offer you the unrivaled protection you need. With these garments, you can work around chemicals and other hazardous materials without fear of affecting your skin.

The Koolguard and Dupont Proshield® basic suits are ideal for lighter jobs. These suits will keep you protected from dirt and grime with ease.

We also offer flame resistant garments both disposable and cotton blends.

MPE Offers the Disposable Protective Clothing You Need at a Great Price
If you are like most business owners, using disposable jumpsuits is mostly about the protection offered and the cost-effectiveness. With our disposable suits, you will find it easy to keep your employees safe, while staying on budget. One of the main reasons our disposable suits are so popular is due to their quality. For years, MPE has provided companies with high-quality protective disposable clothing. We take the time to get to know the needs of our customers before suggesting a Maxshield™ or Tyvek® clothing to fit their needs.

Our Disposable Tyvek Coveralls Offer Comfort and Protection
Making employees wear restrictive disposable protective clothing is counterproductive. The Maxshield™ & Tyvek® disposable coveralls and jumpsuits we offer are made from breathable and comfortable materials. This means employees can wear these Maxshield™ or Tyvek® coveralls without restricting their range of motion.

MPE Has a Variety of Options
Another reason MPE is so popular with business owners across the country is due to our versatile disposable clothing options. Whether you are looking for disposable work jumpsuits for women or Maxshield™ & Tyvek® coveralls in yellow, we can help you out. Investing in our protective work jumpsuits for men increases safety and ensures better productivity.

Are you in the market for affordable and well-made men’s disposable work jumpsuits? If so, contact us now to find out more about the women’s and men’s protective work jumpsuits we offer.

“Try us for our pricing, stay with us for our quality and service”